April 24, 2009

SC Wildlife Magazine!

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So, a few months ago, the editor of South Carolina Wildlife came to my school and talked to the seventh graders during English class. (I was the only person in the whole room who, when asked if they liked to write, raised their hand.) The following day, our teacher gave us an assignment worth two test grades, one for English and one for science: write a magazine article about an endangered animal in South Carolina. Last year, we did something similar in my LAUNCH class (an advanced-kid elective) and I did the bat that time. So this time, I chose a manatee.

The craziest news of all was that one of the articles would get published in SC Wildlife! I worked my butt off for two weeks perfecting my article, and I didn’t find out that I won until a friend of my mom’s called her and said that he’d just gotten his SC Wildlife, and that her daughter had a full-page spread with her article! My teacher had been told to keep it secret, I recently found out in an e-mail from her to my mother. If she hadn’t been gone, staying at home with her new baby, I would’ve blown up the next day at school!

As for now, I will just happy dance, and hope that the publication (and an article about me in my local paper) will increase notice of my book.

(Also: Sorry for the lack of posting lately! It’s nearing the end of school, and the homework is piling up!)


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